What is Conscious Dance?

Embodiment, Dance and Spirituality • Unknown vs. Known Music: Being in the Unknown is exhilarating and puts you on your growth edge, increasing your agility with Life.

For the last two weeks we reveled in retreaded classics to render a super-charged, sun-shiney, celebratory, summertime vibe. It gave us all the feels. It was totally fun. And; triggering for some. Why? Because old songs can cue old memories – some of which are painful, unprocessed, and can catch us off guard. And while this can be a growth opportunity when placed within the context of a conscious dance practice, it is not our intention.

The genre of conscious dance strives to lead people into uncharted territories of themselves in order to induce complete presence and exploration of the now, rather than throw us back into our heads and old memories. Conscious dance intends to provide us opportunities for self-exploration beyond our limited beliefs and limiting old thought and memory patterns. With this said, there is a time and place for everything, and an astutely-placed familiar track can be just what the doctor ordered for playful revelry. But mostly, I thrill in finding us fresh, evocative music specifically designed to lead us on wildly spacious dance floor journeys, and into new frontiers of self-discovery, growth and healing. This burgeoning music is being created anew right now for us by incredible artists, and it delights me to find and move to these inspired and inspiring tracks.

New sounds inspire new moves inspire New Life. (Please excuse poor video & sound quality.)

Track: Masala by Jean du Voyage https://banzailab.bandcamp.com/…/masala-feat-pierre…