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The Title “Sexy” Would Take Some Years To Earn

The topic of female sexual maturation has forever fascinated me and has compelled me to interview many of my female role models in their forties and fifties about their sexuality. Across the board, every woman I quizzed insisted that I hadn’t experienced anything near my orgasmic potential yet. “Just wait until you hit forty,” they’d say, “then you’ll really fly out the roof!”

When I was younger, I didn’t have the confidence in myself to communicate my needs and to ask for what I wanted. As I’ve grown into my skin and gotten to know my body, I’ve gained a powerful ability to manifest my sexuality in more internal ways. I am now able to stand tall and proud and unapologetically in my sexual power, like a queen.

Women do not come into their full orgasmic potential until they near their forties. If women ruled the world, the title “Sexy” couldn’t be earned until this time of life, when women confidently know themselves and own their sexuality. And, when a woman finally did reach these orgasmically activated years, she would then and only then be revered, coveted, treasured, and pursued for her lavish and deeply erotic feminine gifts.

If women ruled the world, this entrance into our sexual prime would be celebrated and ritualized. Women at this age would be exalted. These women would be our sexy role models, appearing in print and on film, creating anticipation in every girl that one day she too would get to grow into her sexuality and be honored. Girls and young women would spend their early years learning the intricacies of their female anatomy, meanwhile gaining confidence, understanding, and an ever-increasing capacity for sexual pleasure instead of buying into antiquated expectations or social pressures about sex.

In this female-founded world, as a woman’s age and sexiness quotient rose, she would become increasingly sought after for her wisdom, knowledge, confidence and beauty in every area of her expertise. Deeply feminine sexiness would be recognizable by the beautiful lines of life drawn on a woman’s face, the fullness of her belly and hips, her riveting stare, her sultry slowness, and her ability to stand still confidently, letting her presence emanate. A woman inspires. A woman mesmerizes. A woman is sexy.

Rachel Caplin, 35, is founder of CurvOlution Size Acceptance Movement, inspiring girls and women to stop obsessively struggling to change their bodies and to learn to love and accept the ones they have.