Author: vitalwriter

  • The Unapologetic Vagina

    My good friend is a pelvic floor therapist and inspired me to write this. (Check her out, she’s amazing!) She says she cannot even count how many women apologize for the smell, hair, size, moisture, dryness and essentially the very existence of their vaginas. I was already in the process of writing my next blog entitled My Twat […]

  • I can’t believe I have to write this again!

    Whelp, god did a good job pushing me over the edge today. I cannot believe I have to write this again – almost twenty years after publishing my book I’m Beautiful, Dammit! whose title was inspired by the song performed by Uncanny Alliance at the Aids Dance-a-thon I attended in NYC in 1993. I was floored and lifted by the lyrics, I’m […]