Brave Space

Excerpted Newsletter 7.6.21
Although I’ve been saying for years that this is safe space to drop our inhibitions and be free, I’ve recently been inspired by author Sonya Renee Taylor of The Body is Not an Apology to reconsider whether it might be more helpful to claim ours as brave space instead. Meaning I cannot guarantee immunity from any pain incurred when we gather. It is inevitable that at some point your interactions with other humans will trigger vulnerable places inside: insecurities, self-judgments, boundaries, traumas, old stories and outdated belief systems, challenging communications.

I’ve learned that almost by definition conscious community is bound to bring up that which is ready for healing. This usually comes in the form of pains, fears, limitations, discomfort – in other words: growth opportunities for breakdown to breakthrough.

What we can do as Taylor suggests is to strive to co-create soft space that cushions the ouchies: soft space that meets the hurt with tender, gentle, compassionate, allowance. There is nothing to fix, and there is nothing broken about bumping into pain and discomfort. In conscious community we are invited to be brave and lean into our fears, anxieties, insecurities, rage and grief- as well as unapologetically abandon ourselves to our full joy, self expression and pleasure.

Our hope is that you will encounter a warm-hearted and sensitive space that allows you to be courageous each and every time you show up to meet yourself in our community. Bumps and bruises may happen along the way ~ but rest assured we endeavor to meet you with softness, kindness, allowance, and respect.

Healing happens in relationship, and SKD creates cathartic opportunities to form lasting bonds in meaningful community. Benevolence is a member-supported 501(c)3 nonprofit org serving as our home in Fort Collins, CO for SKD and related spiritual embodiment practices that assist our healing, growth and awakening. Our sacred place to gather, belong, and thrive through music, movement, art, nature, community, service & study.