Chaos to Quickening

Excerpted from Newsletter 10.12.20
Shake that shit OUT of your body!
Part of the genius of conscious dance is that it functions like a vaccine; injecting just enough of the dis-ease (chaos) into our system so that we can move with it, rather than resist in fear. Instead, we jump right in with the crazy and let the chaos have its way with us; surrendering and dancing with it. We come out on the other side of the wild rumpus like creatures with our fur and feathers smoothed again; our hearts expanded, our souls soothed – returned and re-tuned to love. 

This practice engenders an agility with life; an ability to move with what is, go with the flow, roll with the punches. And we’ve got the perfect practice field right now with climate, covid, election and humanitarian tensions escalating by the minute. 

Let’s utilize our conscious dances to stay awake, stay well and stay willing to show up fully to this great awakening